Last week we installed two Radon systems in Dallas, TX on an apartment complex. What made this interesting was the fact that the radon levels were over 30 pico curies. The EPA states that anything over 4 pico curies is an actionable level. The World Health Organization actually says 2.7 is an actionable level. We have seen some radon levels in the 20’s, but 30 is by far the highest we have seen in Texas.

After we installed the radon mitigation systems, we were able to bring both units to below 2 pico curies!

Our goal is to alleviate radon from every building in Texas. The only way we can do that is to test. We have installed over 200 radon mitigation systems in Texas in the last year in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston, so it’s clear there is a bigger radon issue in Texas than originally thought. Please have your home tested.

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Brad Warren


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