At our core, we put God first in everything we do. What motivates us to pursue Radon is the ability to help our community by saving lives through alleviating Radon.


Radon Services

Who we are: We each believe in one another. We look to find enjoyment out of what we are doing. We aren’t afraid to have fun, but we know what needs to be done and we get it done.

Clear the way for something better by depending on our commercial demolition company in Dallas, TX. The trained and qualified staff at Clear Environmental makes all things new and safe on your property by performing efficient and prompt demolition services. We remove junk, debris, and structures from commercial properties, as well as residences.

Fast & Efficient Demolition Services

Depend on us for fast and detail-oriented demolition services for your next project. We have years of experience in the industry and the tools to address any project. In addition, we implement proven, innovative, and safe procedures when we’re working. Armed with the right knowledge and equipment, we ensure your land is free and clear for your needs. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Partial & Total Demolition
  • Demolition Removal & Cleanup
  • Asbestos Testing & Removal
  • Radon Testing & Remediation

Getting Rid of Radon

Radon is something that no property owner ever wants to have. However, the situation is sometimes unavoidable. This invisible, odorless gas is the result of radioactive decay. If uranium is present in the soil, the decay process occurs naturally over time. As an established carcinogen, radon is a substance that you should be concerned about. If you suspect that your house or office may have high levels of radon, schedule radon testing today.

Our Goal:

We want to make all homes in Texas Radon Clear. Join The Movement!

Mission Statement:

We are a demolition and radon mitigation company dedicated to eradicating hazardous materials. Through working with the Texas Department of State Health Services and the EPA, we are a valued partner in the protection of our community, fostering a clean conscience and a responsible future.

How It Works

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes up from the soil. You cannot see, smell or taste it. It is the breakdown of Uranium in the Earth. With Radon being an inert gas, it doesn’t combine with anything, which allows it to travel. Your home acts as a vacuum, so if there is any path for Radon Gas to get into your home, it will. Considering that Radon induced lung cancer kills 7X more people per year than Asbestos, it is imperative that you test your home as soon as possible.

Schedule a Test

Our team will perform a radon test and explain the results.


Determine Results

We’ll clearly explain the results of the test with you.


Next Steps

If your test is over 4.0 piC/L, a long-term test or mitigation is needed. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our goal is to continue working with you on multiple projects, so your satisfaction is our utmost concern. We want to earn your trust and have a great, continued relationship with you and everyone of our clients.

Multi-Family Radon Mitigation

Very Satisfied. On-Time and Great Attention to Detail


Garland House Demo

I needed my 700 SF house demolished, and I hired Clear Environmental for the job. They were quite good. They came when they said they would and were very accurate with their schedule. Their crew was very polite and professional from beginning to end. I'd Definitely use them again!


Carrollton Demo

Clear Environmental was great! They demolished my house which was a total loss in a fire. The empty lot looks great. Very professional and courteous company. I will keep them in mind and refer anyone who is in need of their services.


Dallas Church Abatment

Very Professional. They showed up, did their job, cleaned up and got the job done in a very timely manner.


Richardson Pool Demo

I needed to remove a large pool. It was around 53' long and 14' deep . They were just great! They broke it up, filled it in, and sodded the area. They did what they said they would do and did so beautifully.

Kate K.

Lot Clearing

Zach was one of the most consciencious people I've ever worked with. He was very concerned that we were 100% pleased with the company's work and that he bid the job appropriately. They did everything from soup to nuts to get the job done, with crew working in unbearably hot weather. We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a clean out, clear out or demolition project.

Connie C.

Garland Remodel

Excellent company. Both Brad and Zach are genuine professionals. I enjoyed working with both of them and find their company to be distinctly professional and ethical. I'd recommend their work to anyone.


Multifamily Radon Mitigation

Very Satisfied. On-Time and Great Attention to Detail


Denton Abatement and Build-back

Clear Environmental Services did a great job on our Denton home. We are very satisfied with their services. We liked the prompt, clear communication throughout the project. Brad and Zach are genuinely nice people and very easy to work with. We received excellent advice on what needed to be done and what our options were.

Paul and Marge

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