After multiple radon testing runs for their lenders, we finally laid out a plan for radon mitigation of a complex in Terrell Texas. We ended up having to mitigate radon from 8 units. We should be done by Tuesday next week.

Sometimes when tenants find out that there’s high levels of radon in their apartment, they get very upset. They cannot believe it and they start threatening the property management company, the builder, etc. But the reality is they should be thanking the property management company. If it hadn’t been for the property management company testing, they would continue to live in a place with high levels of radon that could cause them or their loved ones lung cancer.

Just like those tenants, there are countless, unknowing homeowners living in a home with high levels of radon right here in Texas. Our goal is to alleviate radon in every home in Texas. Please have your home tested.


Brad Warren

Clear Environmental Services, LLC.