Yesterday we finished the installation of a Radon Mitigation system in Waco. We have installed systems in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Waco now. This means Radon is showing up all over Texas. Until lenders started calling for radon testing on commercial property, there wasn’t thought to be an issue in Texas. But after we’ve installed over 400 radon mitigation systems in the last three years in Texas, it seems pretty obvious that there is a real concern.

If you did not know, Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, that comes up from our soil. It causes lung cancer, and plays a part in over 21,000 deaths per year, according to the EPA. Since most homes have an HVAC system, that turns your home into a vacuum. So if there is any foundation crack, or access point for radon to get into your home, it will.

The main thing is to have your home tested. Unlike commercial property in Texas, lenders do not ask that homes be tested for radon when a sell is coming up. It is up to you to make that happen. Soon enough, regulations will be put in place, but until then, know your radon level. Schedule here.


Brad Warren


Clear Environmental Services, LLC

Texas’ Radon Expert

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