A couple is in their 80’s. They have lived in their current home for 19 years. Just over a year ago, she was diagnosed with Lung cancer. She is doing well now, but it doesn’t change the fact that she has lung cancer and has never smoked, or been around smoking in all her years. What happened? She lived in a home with Radon.

The EPA defines Texas as a Zone 3 concern regarding Radon. That means that it is unlikely you will have elevated levels of Radon in your home. However, we have installed over 200 mitigation systems in homes and apartments with elevated levels of Radon throughout Texas. Which makes you wonder how the EPA is getting their information. Their testing in the early 90’s did not have enough data to make a real evaluation and now we are seeing that Texas has just as much of a Radon issue as other states.

The frustrating part for Clear Environmental, is that something that happened to this couple is completely avoidable. All you have to do is have your home tested for Radon. Our main goal at Clear Environmental Services, LLC. is to make sure elevated levels of Radon are alleviated from all homes.

Please have your home tested today. Schedule your test here.