A lot of people throughout Texas have never even heard of Radon, but we have started seeing high levels of Radon all over Texas. In fact, in this last week alone, we have completed six radon mitigations in Plano, three radon mitigations in Houston, two in Austin and one in San Antonio.

The primary reason we have not seen high levels of Radon throughout Texas in the past is because we haven’t really tested for Radon in Texas. However, recently when a multi-family property is sold and HUD financing is used, they have to test for Radon. And since they are testing a lot more than ever before, we are seeing high levels of Radon all over Texas. We have mitigated radon in over 200 properties in the last two years and I do not think that will slow down, but actually increase.

You cannot see, smell or taste Radon, so the only way to know is to test. Please schedule a test here.