We recently mitigated a home in the 75230 ZIP, located in Dallas. The owners moved in there 13 years ago. The previous owner had actually passed away from Radon induced lung cancer. His family realized it was their home that had caused the lung cancer so they hired a mitigator to come out 13 years ago and install a radon mitigation system. The home had a crawl space and the installer simply installed the system very poorly. He also must have falsified the tests, because they came back below the 4.0 piC/L actionable level.

Fast Forward 13 years. The new owners (who had raised 7 kids in this home) were putting their home up for sale because they had received great job offers in the northeast. She decided to do a radon test herself just to make sure everything was still good. To her surprise, her levels were over 10 piC/L! In a panic, she went online and found Clear Environmental. We were out there the next day. We told her we can test properly first just to be sure, but we saw the original mitigation system and how incorrect it was installed. The tests came back around 5.8 piC/L which is lower than the 10 she was seeing, but still higher than where it needed to be. So we installed a proper radon mitigation system and got her home down to .8 piC/L!

Our point to this story is how stressful a non-licensed radon mitigator or tester can be. Make sure your Radon company has the proper credentials. To be sure, always check this link, and make sure they are listed. Had they used a licensed radon mitigator, like Clear Environmental Services, it would’ve been done properly the first time, there test wouldn’t have been manipulated and the new owners wouldn’t have panicked and been stressed realizing they weren’t actually safe from Radon.

It’s not worth it. Use a licensed radon tester or mitigator and please have your home tested today.